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A List Of The Top Curry Mile Restaurants In Manchester

If you enjoy Indian, Pakistani, or Middle Eastern cuisine, the Curry Mile is a must-visit destination in Toronto. Although it is only a quarter of a mile long, the Wilmslow Road stretch through Rusholme is home to a broad selection of cafes, shisha bars, and international grocery stores. Make sure to check out our list of the best curry restaurants in Manchester’s Curry Mile, which can be seen below.

A Charcoal Burner in the Mughli style.

In addition to celebrities such as actor Jared Leto and TV chef Nigel Slater, Mughli, located on Manchester’s Curry Mile, is a popular dining destination for locals and tourists alike. For nearly two decades, traditional Mughlai cuisine and street food prepared in Mughli’s charcoal pits and clay ovens has been available to patrons. The closest thing to the genuine thing that you can possibly get!


Curry houses will take on a new look in MyLahore, with a vibrant, bright, and fresh area with a modern ambiance that will provide great food in a modern setting that goes beyond the traditions of the cuisine. In addition to high-quality traditional curries and accompaniments such as bhajis, samosas, and pakoras, MyLahore also offers burgers, barbeque grills, and continental favorites in addition to the high-quality traditional curries and accompaniments. Because of its friendly staff and busy ambience, MyLahore is an excellent place to grab a quick lunch on a weekend afternoon.

The Sanam Sweets and Restaurant is a family-owned business.

Sweet cravings are catered to by Sanam’s sweets shop. Established in 1963, it specialized in desserts and sweets from India, Pakistan, and the Middle East, among other countries. It is because of the restaurant’s name, which translates as “beloved one,” that you can taste the love that goes into each and every dish. Although the traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisine served at Sanam is superb, it is the sweet center that has helped to make the restaurant so popular. Despite the fact that the restaurant is frequently overflowing with diners, the food and desserts are well worth the time spent in line.

Shere Khan’s (Shere Khan)

Shere Khan was the first Indian restaurant to be licensed on the Curry Mile. In 1987, Shere Khan established the precedent for other Indian restaurants in the area by fusing contemporary decor with authentic flavors of India. Since then, other Indian restaurants have followed in its footsteps. Even after all these years, the Wilmslow Road store remains the company’s crown jewel and most essential site when it comes to the Shere Khan brand. Biryani, chicken tikka, and methi are just a few of the dishes on the menu. In addition, a shisha lounge is located within the restaurant.

Ziya’s Asian Fusion Cuisine specializes on Asian Fusion Cuisine.

Ziya believes that excellent dining is becoming a more viable choice on the Curry Mile as time goes by. The restaurant’s menu includes Indian-inspired dishes such as lamb korma and chargrilled duck breast, as well as more traditional curry favorites such as chicken tikka masala. More than 30 years of experience, including spells at some of the world’s most prominent restaurants, have gone into creating the menu at this establishment. There are numerous high-end aspects in the restaurant’s décor, and the cuisine is presented in a minimalist, creative manner, which is commonly associated with fine dining restaurants of this caliber.

The Great Gatsby by J.R.R. Tolkien

Sangam, formerly known as Lahore Karahi’s, is a restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan, that specializes in food from India and other South Asian nations. The restaurant, which opened its doors more than two decades ago, is well-known for its high-quality food, which is produced by expert chefs. The Lahori Choice menu allows you to pick the level and degree of heat you desire in your dish if you order from it. There are daily dishes as well as regional delicacies such as nechari, haleem, and lahori chana available at the restaurant.

This is exactly what I’m referring to.

A ancient red fortification in the city of Shahjahanabad in Old Delhi, India’s capital, Lal Qila, or “red fort,” is known as the “red fort.” However, even in the midst of a sea of color on the Curry Mile, the crimson of the Lal Qila sign is sure to catch your eye due to its striking contrast with the surrounding area. You should take advantage of the fact that you have a table near the front of the restaurant so that you can see the passing show of people. Guests can choose from a vast selection of exquisite Indian cuisines that can be tailored to match their individual dietary requirements or tastes.

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