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Antwerp Restaurant Experience: Dining Out in Antwerp

Simone’s Kitchen

A funny detail is that this time we slept at Simone’s Kitchen. I had known for a while that there was a second Simone’s Kitchen. In fact, it regularly happens that people call me if they want to book a table in Antwerp. A few years ago Simone Parris opened a B&B and restaurant in Antwerp and I thought it would be nice to go and sleep there for once.

The restaurant is also a vegan restaurant and gets good reviews. The B&B…. The room was fine, only our door could not be locked. And it was a huge mess in the hallways. I thought that was a bit strange. Another point is that the toilet and shower are behind a glass wall. Fine if you are with your partner of ten years old, but for a romantic weekend with a new flame or a weekend with a girlfriend that might be a bit too much. Because yes, you are sitting openly on the toilet and in the shower. Privacy zero. If you don’t mind that, it’s a great place to sleep. The location is great and from there you can walk into the center of Antwerp.

Balls & Glory

Our first stop after arriving in Antwerp was Balls & Glory. If you go out for dinner in Antwerp, this is a great place for lunch. Tom had wanted to try the famous meatballs for a while.

Tom had the seasonal pork with stoemp and I had the Classic pork (filled with cheese) with a salad. By the way, we were at the Theaterplein location, which has not been open that long. But we also parked the car there, so that’s why we chose.

What Did We Think?

Well it was a nice ball. The salad I found a bit mediocre to be honest. Tom’s stew was fine. Nice for lunch, but I wouldn’t choose it as dinner.

Bun Antwerp

After strolling through Antwerp for a few hours, we were hungry again, so a small (online) search came up with either tapas or Vietnamese… We both felt like Vietnamese so we chose Bún Antwerp . They have a noodle bar and a regular restaurant that we could just go to if we wanted to get there at six o’clock. Well, we wanted to. And boy did we eat well!!

The dishes are meant to be shared and you can also order a menu where you get dishes from the chef. But we saw so many goodies on the menu that we decided to go for the a la carte. The recommendation is to order a dish or six for two and that is actually enough. Because we had choice stress, we took one more. Tom had the crispy pancake again for dessert. Haha… And I had the banana pudding.

That crispy pancake was filled with lobster and pork belly and sooooo delicious. So good that Tom ordered it again. It’s not cheap to eat here but it’s well worth it! Vietnamese next level.

The Jane – Antwerp

At The Jane (concept by Sergio Herman) you can choose to eat downstairs or the more informal part in The Upper Room bar. There you literally sit at the bar and you can see exactly what the chefs are up to in the middle. Nice to sit. So I don’t know what it’s like downstairs, but it was great to stay upstairs.

We went there for lunch by the way, just for good measure. An izakaya concept has recently been introduced in the Upper Room Bar, which makes it different from before. The dishes were delicious.

We had heard mixed stories about The Jane beforehand. Poor service was one of the frequently heard complaints, but luckily we didn’t notice anything. Although you sometimes had to wait a while if you wanted an extra glass of wine, but hey, we weren’t in a hurry. The food was so delicious and nothing to complain about.


Our absolute favorite of the trip, however, was not The Jane but Bún. Surprisingly tasty, great atmosphere and just very good. In terms of price quality it is a bit difficult to compare because we were at Bún in the evening and at The Jane in the afternoon. The final bill at Bún was more, but more dishes and more wine. So that’s hard to compare. In either case, not a cheap option, but if you like Vietnamese, a visit to Bún is an absolute must!

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