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Buren Out and About in the Netherlands

I had heard of the place Buren a number of times. I had even seen some cool photos on instagram so I thought it was time that I paid a visit to Buren. Of course I chose one day that it would rain again, but it wasn’t pouring hard enough to stop me.

Municipality of Buren

You will find Buren in the province of Gelderland and it is part of the Betuwe. It is a fortified town and has about 2600 inhabitants. So not very big. That also makes it perfect for a relaxed walk through the city while enjoying all the beautiful buildings and picturesque streets.

Because the weather was so bad, there were hardly any people walking. Plus we were in the middle of a lockdown so there wasn’t really much to experience. I will definitely go back when the shops and cafes and restaurants are open. Because that often gives a place just that little bit extra. Still, I thought Buren was really worth a visit.

City Rights

Buren received its city rights in 1395 from a knight Allard. Besides the fact that this small town can call itself a city, it can also call itself Oranjestad. You may have noticed that Willem Alexander sometimes uses the pseudonym ‘Van Buren’ if he wants to remain incognito. That name comes from the connection with the city of Buren. None other than William of Orange married in the Sint Lambertus church.

Although most of the fortress is still standing, Buren also fell into serious disrepair. It was not until 1946 that the restoration started, which took a total of half a century. But then you also have something.

Hiking in the Area

You can take beautiful walks in and around Buren. For example, in the spring there is the blossom tour. There are several options and you can also make a bike ride out of it if you want. As you can see from the pictures everything was nice and green when I was there but I think it would be great to visit Buren when the blossom is in bloom. So on my list!

Sleeping in Buren

I think Buren is a fairly touristy town. I say ‘I think’ because it wasn’t that busy during the lockdown of course, but I can imagine that in high season many people come to admire the beautiful town. If you want to enjoy Buren in peace, you can of course stick to it for a night . If you go in the right season, you can benefit by taking a nice walk in the early morning without the crowds!

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