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Dusseldorf Shopping Tips: Don’t Miss These!

Some travelers only know Dusseldorf because of its airport from where you can discover the world a little cheaper than from Schiphol. But did you know that this German city is also a real shopping mecca? And one that’s not so mainstream too! In addition to well-known shops, Dusseldorf is also filled with all kinds of nice vintage shops and trendy concept stores. This allows you to shop for hours in Dusseldorf and endlessly search one of the dozens of vintage boutiques. You can of course take the train to Dusseldorf for a day or go to Dusseldorf for a weekend, a nice hotel to stay at is 25hours Hotel Das Tour.

What Are the Best Places to Shop in Düsseldorf?

The best shops to shop can actually be found in all kinds of different districts in Düsseldorf. So make sure you rent a bicycle or buy a pass for public transport (for 9.- euros per day you can travel unlimited with transport with a Düsseldorf Card) and don’t forget this shopping guide (or take a nice travel guide with you, such as the Dusseldorf travel guide by Marco Polo, which also contains all kinds of nice shops and walks). Then you know exactly where to go, because we have listed the best hotspots for each district. Happy shopping!

Shopping in the Districts Bilk, Medienhafen & Friedrichstadt


In the Bilk district you can stroll for hours in all kinds of separate shops. The shelves of design shop null:zwo:elf mainly contain clothing by young designers and new labels. They also sell bags, toys, books, sunglasses and more. A hip store where you want to have been while shopping.

Romantic Lab

A little further down Lorettostrasse you will find the Romantiklabor shop. A nice shop that has been named one of the hotspots in Germany by Living & Architecture magazine, because every item and object in the store is handmade. You will find handmade clothing but also nice printed items for your home.

Dress Sam

Kleidam could have been called ‘Kleinsam’: it’s a cute little shop in a beautiful old building. Here you will find nice accessories such as jewelry and home furnishings.

Shopping in the Flingern


Lieblingsstücke, a shop that is designed with love and stocked with passion. This shop is the go-to address in the Flingern district and can be found in the side streets of Ackerstrasse. Lieblingsstücke is a popular shop that has been run by Susanne Weipert since October 2005. She only sells second-hand women’s clothing, so you have to go here for real vintage finds.


Damenwahl is a small shop that sells colorful women’s clothing from various designers. A special shop, because much of what you find here is handmade and fits the fair trade principle.

Elemental Arteilchen

For fifties dresses and high heels, go to Elementarteilchen. You can buy a summery polkadot dress or crazy sunglasses here. You can just find a unique vintage find here!

Shopping in Dusseldorf in the Derendorf & Pempelfort Districts

Broke The Store

In this shop you will find vintage street art and street wear. So if you’re looking for hipster vintage, this is definitely a store you should go to. You will find trendy sneakers, backpacks in abundance, but also hoodies and other must-haves. The online shop is also highly recommended!

Rebel’s Garage

Rebel’s Garage started out designing T-shirts and customizing skateboarding in the bedroom at home. As expected, it soon became too small and eventually Rebel’s Garage opened their own shop where they not only sell T-shirts and skateboards but also sweaters, jackets, jeans and scarves. For a new pair of sneakers, this is also the place to be!


This name probably immediately rings a bell, because Oxfam is a worldwide development organization that fights against poverty in the world. In Dusseldorf you will find a store of this organization and the sign at the front door says it all: ‘You donate things to us you no longer need, and we sell them for charity’. As a result, the store offers a diverse collection consisting of clothing, accessories, household items, CDs, toys and more.

Shopping in Aldstad (Dusseldorf Old Town)

Kauf dich Glücklich

An über hipster shop, that is the first impression that Kauf dich Glücklich gives you. They sell clothes here, but also cool home furnishings. You will also find well-known brands here, but also more unique brands. Be sure to follow their instagram account if you have one, they share the best photos there.


In the center of Düsseldorf you will find all kinds of well-known shops, but also nice shops where you can take a trip down Memory Lane. Hitsville is such a shop, here you can travel all the way back in time browsing through the bins with LPs. What’s also nice to know is that this is the oldest record store in Düsseldorf. They sell CDs and LPs from Beatles to Zappa and from Kraftwerk to Toten Hosen.

Nice Markets for Shopping in Düsseldorf

Finally, a list of nice markets to shop. In Düsseldorf you can find a lot of them and here you might find even nicer finds or just go out for a nice meal:

  • Aachener platz: Also a flea market, every Saturday
  • Carlsplatz market: A culinary market, weekly
  • Design classic fair: A design fair, takes place every year on different dates
  • Radschläger market: The oldest flea market in Düsseldorf, once a month
  • Messeparkplatz: A flea market in a cozy parking lot

Prefer to Dream Away at the Windows of Luxury Stores?

Fancy some window shopping in Dusseldorf? And would you like to stroll through one of the most luxurious shopping streets? Then you have to go to the Königsallee, in this street, which is also called Kö, you will find the most exclusive shops in the city. Dream away with over the top expensive stuff, so you can do it like no other and people watch here is also the best.

Shopping Malls in Duesseldorf

There are large shopping centers in Dusseldorf where you can also shop well. Four major shopping centers are Stilwerk for modern shops, Schadow Arkaden, Kö Galerie for many luxury shops and the Kaufhof, which you will also find in many other German cities.

Planning Your Day or Weekend Shopping in Dusseldorf?

Avoid Sundays

Try not to be in German cities like Dusseldorf on Sundays if you want to shop, because in Germany they don’t have shopping Sundays like in the Netherlands. Many are closed on Sundays in Germany. So don’t plan a shopping day at the end of the week!

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