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Ideas for a Weekend Away From Home in Hamburg

If you want a weekend away or want to make a city trip close to the Netherlands, you can of course go to Paris or Berlin, but you will find the German city of Hamburg even closer. Just like the German capital, it is a bit industrial, but at the same time you will find a lot of hip hotspots, museums and beautiful sights. Time to introduce you to Hamburg in ways!

Ideas on What to Do in Hamburg

Hafencity, the Most Beautiful District in Hamburg

One of the highlights of Hamburg is the Hafencity district. You will find all kinds of canals, large warehouses and the trendy 25Hours Hotel (both the Hafencity hotel and the Altes Hafenamt are located here). We thought this was one of the nicest neighborhoods to cycle through (borrow a bike at 25Hours Hotel or do a bike tour in Hamburg ) and when you’re here, you should definitely stop at the Poggenmühlenbrücke. From this bridge you can take one of the most beautiful pictures of the city.

Sunday, Museum Day: Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe & Deichtorhalle

When you’re in Hafencity, you can go straight to the best museums in Hamburg: the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe and the Deichtorhalle. The Deichtorhalle can be found at Deichtorstraße and this museum consists of two different halls, the first is filled with photography and the other with modern art. We found the hall with modern art in particular very beautiful and impressive. In the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe you will actually find a variety of exhibitions. Both interior design comes along as Art Nouveau work or ceramics and when we were there there was also an exhibition about subcultures in Germany and an exhibition with modern art. You will find this museum at Steintorplatz. Finally, useful to know: The museums in Hamburg are also open on Sundays, the city and many other places are closed on that day,

Climb the Dockland Building

In Hamburg you will find a lot of special architecture and when you are near the Elbe, it is nice to cycle to the Dockland building. You can climb up this building (for free) and from the top you have a cool view over all ships, the containers and the city. Moreover, this building is also beautiful to see, the construction is somehow reminiscent of a ship that seems to want to sail up the Elbe.

Walking or Cycling Along the Elbe & Through the Elbe Tunnel

The river Elbe flows right through Hamburg and flows into the North Sea a little later. Due to the Elbe, Hamburg is a real port city and many companies, containers and ships can be found on or in the river. On weekends you will see many Hamburgers walking or cycling along the Elbe. When you are in Hamburg, you should definitely do this. The walk or bike ride through the Elbe Tunnel is particularly special. You can go down with a staircase or with an elevator and take your bike with you. Via this tunnel you then cross the river and on the other side you arrive at a viewpoint from where you have a beautiful view of Hamburg. Want to relax for a while? Then you should visit Beach Pauli, which is located directly along the Elbe.

Shop at Kauf dich Glucklich!

My favorite shop in all of Germany: Kauf dich Glucklich. The name alone is fantastic and the clothes they sell there (for both men and women) just as good. You will also find this store in Hanover and coincidentally also in Vienna, but unlike many other cities in Hamburg you will also find an outlet store. The outlet store in Hamburg can be found at Bartelsstraße 55, the other stores can be found at Susannenstraße 4 and Schulterblatt 1.

(Night) Flea Markets on Saturdays

In Hamburg you will find many different flea markets on weekends and throughout the year, or the so-called flohmarkt. On Saturday we visited the Flohschanze which can be found between the old Rinderschlachthallen, you will find this flea market on Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm in the St. Pauli district. You will find vintage clothing, but also cool stuff for the home. Other flea markets in Hamburg can be found a bit further outside the city:

  • Flohdom ​​auf der Bahrenfelder Trabrennbahn, 7 to 15 hours in Bahrenfeld
  • Flohdom ​​auf der Horner Rennbahn, 7 am to 3 pm in Horn
  • Flohmarkt auf dem Otto-Parkplatz, 7am to 3pm in Bramfeld
  • Flohschanze (as described above), in St. Pauli from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There are also flea markets on Sundays, but they are often only a few times a year. On Saturday we also visited a night flohmarkt in Der Fabrik in the Altona district. This night market was on March 12, 2016, but more often this flohmarkt in Der Fabrik is on Sunday afternoon. Der Fabrik is a cool place anyway, because the flea market can be found in an old factory.

Going Out & Breaking Out at the Fischmarket

Just like in Berlin you can go out in Hamburg, one of the nicest clubs is Uebel und Gefährlich that you will find at Feldstraße 66. Tired of dancing? Then you can break out at the Fischmarkt in Hamburg that starts early in the morning on Sunday, near the Elbe. Eat some fish, dance some more and then go to sleep!

Spotting Street Art in St Pauli

After Hafencity, the St. Pauli district in Hamburg is also very nice. You will find hip concept stores, cool street art and good restaurants here. Just walk around outside looking for the coolest street art or watch some street musicians every now and then. The neighborhood is a maze of streets where you feel you can find something cool everywhere. If you like urban Berlin, then you will also enjoy yourself here.

To the Chaos at Reeperbahn, Experience Las Vegas in Europe!

Do you dream of a vacation to Las Vegas? Then try the Reeperbahn in Hamburg first. Especially at night you see neon lights everywhere you walk and loud music blares from the bars. A bit of a bizarre place but impossible to miss if you are in Hamburg for an evening.

Sleeping at 25hours Hotel

Do you want to spend the night in a special place in Hamburg? Then go to the 25Hours hotel. There are a total of three of these hotels in Hamburg and we slept in the new Altes Hafenamt, which is close to the 25Hours Hafencity. It is a design hotel that at the same time feels homely and which is also nice: In your hotel room you will find a bicycle that you can take with you into the city for free!

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