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Jebel Shams Balcony Walk, One of Oman’s Most Impressive Hikes

When you think of Oman, you will probably think of a pile of sand. Which is also not surprising, Oman consists of 62% desert. Yet in the north of the country there are many beautiful mountains, including Jebel Shams, the highest mountain range in Oman. And where there are mountains, you can often hike beautifully and that is no different in Oman. The Oman Balcony Walk is one of those cool hikes. Curious why this walk is so cool and how you can do it? I’ll tell you all about it!

The Balcony Walk in Jebel Shams

How to Get to Jebel Shams in Oman

The top of the mountain is relatively easy to get to and the end of the road will be mostly off road. You do not need a 4×4 car here, so it is accessible to everyone. Once at the top you will find a number of accommodations where you can spend the night.

Where Do You Stay?

We slept in the Canyon Rest House , this is an entire house for 10 people, but costs just as much per night as one of the surrounding resorts in the area, so an absolute must, even if you are only with a few people.

The Balcony Walk in Jebel Shams

Jebel Shams is about 3000 meters high on the highest peaks and is also called the Grand Canyon of Oman, and rightly so! The best way to explore the mountain range is to walk the Balcony Walk.

The Starting Point of Your Hike

The starting point of this hike can be found on Google maps under: W6 – Balcony Walk Hike Al Khitaym. The hike is quite easy, so it is also doable for the inexperienced hiker. It is mainly a narrow path that allows you to see the depths of the ravine – therefore it is less suitable if you are very afraid of heights!

How Long Does the Balcony Walk Take?

The entire route takes about 4 hours and you walk back the same way, but that doesn’t make it any less boring. It is highly recommended to start the hike at sunrise. The first rays of sunshine that glitter between the mountains provide an impressive view that makes getting up early more than worth it. In addition, you are almost the only one (apart from a few goats) on the hiking trail, which also makes it wonderfully quiet.

In search of the hidden pool in Jebel Shams
Once at the end of the route you will find the remains of an old village and in a short climb you can find a hidden pool, unfortunately we missed this one, because we thought we were already there. Hence the name ‘hidden’.

Is It a Difficult Walk?

Furthermore, the path is easy to follow, because the path is marked with the well-known red / yellow / white flags that you can find throughout Oman. That makes getting lost almost impossible!

What to Take With You?

Make sure you are well prepared and take enough water and food with you. You cannot buy anything during the entire walk, so it is important that you are well packed. In addition, it can get very hot during the day and there is virtually no shade. Furthermore, you will not encounter many locals, so it is best to wear a top and shorts. You will encounter some tourists, but if it’s good, that’s no problem.

What do you like to do in Oman? Let us know below and if you have any tips for Jebel Shams, we’d love to hear about them too!

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