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Night in an Adventurous Rookburgh Cabin in Phantasialand

If you’re a bit fond of amusement parks, then you have to go to Germany soon: within 2.5 hours you can drive from Utrecht to the magical Phantasialand. An amusement park where, if you sleep at Hotel Charles Lindbergh , you immediately end up in another world. The hotel doors work like a time machine and as soon as you close them behind you, it’s like you’ve entered the 1920s.

In a place where you are surrounded by Peaky Blinder and Harry Potter vibes. You enter a world where flying is still new and you are one of the first explorers or adventurers invited to test one of the first flights of the FLY roller coaster. This roller coaster is the highlight of Rookburgh ( one of the themed worldsyou will find in Phantasialand), but in addition to this ultimate attraction you will also find an incredibly nice bar and special hotel that seems to have been built around the roller coaster in this part of Phantasialand. But more on that later. The fact is: If you want to experience a special night away, including adrenaline rushes, a weekend at Hotel Charles Lindbergh is what you want to book.

Rookburgh, the New Themed World in Phantasialand

The park Phantasialand consists of different themed worlds. So you imagine yourself in some places in China, a little further in Mexico and not much later you have both feet in Africa. Rookburgh is a completely different theme world and the newest part of Phantasialand. Here you do not step into another country, but a fantasy world. A world where a revolutionary flying machine, the Flying Launch Coaster FLY roller coaster, is the beating heart. When you step into this roller coaster you almost have the feeling of flying yourself. You whirl through Rookburgh in a breathtaking way and with a lot of adrenaline kicks and you feel like you fly right through Hotel Charles Lindbergh.

Stay in an Aeronautical Cabin at Hotel Charles Lindbergh

If you go to Phantasialand you have to promise us that you will book an overnight stay in an aeronaut cabin at Hotel Charles Lindbergh . It is such a unique and special experience to sleep here! You do not stay there in ordinary hotel rooms, but in round cabins that are completely in the style of Rookburgh. As detailed as the park is, so is your room. And the cool thing is… If you look out your window, you can see the FLY roller coaster speed past. Yep, including screaming! But that’s something! You feel like you really sleep in the middle of the park and as soon as you step out of your room you are also within 5 minutes at the revolutionary Flying Launch Coaster roller coaster. You really feel the chaos and excitement of Rookburgh everywhere here and that really makes your park visit complete.

Spending the Night in Rookburgh Is a True Experience by Day and Night

There are several hotels in Phantasialand, but if you opt for an overnight stay at hotel Charles Lindbergh, one thing is certain: You get more than just an overnight stay. As soon as you check in, you become part of The Explorers’ Society and as a member of this association you can also go into the park in the evening and have a good dinner at restaurant Uhrwerk (a 3-course dinner is included) but also have drinks in the secret bar located in Rookburgh. More than 15 craft beers are served in this bar and they serve the best cocktail bowls! Oh and wake up? Of course you do this with breakfast in the restaurant and this is also only for hotel guests. In the morning you will find an extensive buffet in restaurant Uhrwerk and the choice is huge: Whether you fancy French toast, a filling porridge.

Eating Out at Restaurant Uhrwerk

For dinner we sat down at restaurant Uhrwerk. This restaurant is attached to the hotel and the aeronaut cabins, so you can walk to it from your room. A 3-course dinner is included in the price of your overnight stay & amusement park visit if you sleep in Rookburgh and you can choose for yourself what you go for in the restaurant: Do you go for the classic The Navigator burger for the main course or a pasta or healthy poke bowl? By the way, the menu is not what you normally expect, it is designed like a kind of newspaper and therefore fits completely in the Rookburgh style. We opted for a pokebowl and two mini burgers. As a starter we got dumplings and for dessert we chose a cheesecake. We do have a tip for you: We were quite sorry that we didn’t choose a scoop with homemade fries.

Visit the Park at Night if You Slept in Hotel Charles Lindbergh

Another advantage of staying in an aeronaut cabin is that you can enter the park in the evening. After about eight hours, Rookburgh is lit up in the most beautiful colors and even though the roller coaster is closed, it is very nice to take a walk outside. The park looks so different and is super photogenic.

For the Chocolate Lovers

We almost forgot to mention something very important: Besides the hotel, restaurant Uhrwerk, the secret hotel bar and the roller coaster FLY, Rookburgh has a few more delicious surprises in store for you. For example, you will find a Chocolate workshop called Emilies where you can buy sweet, homemade chocolate and bags full of candy. Nice to walk around anyway and of course we bought something for our car ride back! Oh and are you hungry for lunch? There is also a sandwich shop where the fresh sandwiches are prepared for you on the spot! No prepackaged sandwich, but delicious homemade and the one with chicken is highly recommended!

This Is How You Plan Your Trip to Phantasialand

Want to go to Phantasialand? You have planned a trip in no time, you can easily book your tickets & accommodation online and there are a few reasons to go for an amusement park visit including a hotel stay:

  • Hotel Charles Lindbergh is located in the middle of Rookburgh and therefore in the middle of Phantasialand, you can easily reach the coolest attractions from your room
  • Every stay at hotel Charles Lindbergh includes at least two days of park access for Phantasialand as Explorer!
  • You will receive a fast pass at check-in, with this ticket you get faster access to the Flying Launch Coaster FLY as a hotel guest once a day through an exclusive entrance
  • As a hotel guest you eat a 3-course menu in the evening in restaurant Uhrwerk
  • Your breakfast is also included in your ticket!
  • With your ticket you can of course also visit the other worlds in Phantasialand and try out the other attractions, such as the Taron roller coaster (the world’s fastest multi-launch roller coaster) or Chiapas (the steepest waterway in the world).

Want to Combine Your Trip to Phantasialand With Another Part of Germany?

You will find Phantasialand at a 2.5-hour drive from Utrecht, south of Cologne. So you can easily combine your amusement park visit with a city trip to Cologne . This city is especially nice in winter because of the Christmas markets that are there, but besides that it is also a nice city, read more about Cologne here. Speaking of winter: Did you know that Phantasialand is really a fairytale to visit in winter? During Wintertraum you can visit Phantasialand in a wintery atmosphere, this is from November 20 to January 23. The park is then mega magical!

Do you feel like going a little further south after Phantasialand? If you ever go to the Eibsee in Germany. If you want to, Phantasialand is a logical stop on your route! For those who don’t know what the Eibsee is, this is the bright blue lake that also appears on the cover of our book In love with Europe! Normally it is about a 9 to 10 hour drive to the Eibsee, but if you include a stop and overnight at Phantasialand you have a perfect stop on the way.

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