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Top Restaurants to Check Out in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is by far still one of my favorite cities in Europe. Not least because the food scene in Copenhagen is unprecedented. The restaurants in Copenhagen are therefore mainly of high quality. With of course the most famous restaurant Noma. When we were in Copenhagen Noma was closed. The following year they opened again so they are of course not missing in this list. Although I haven’t been there yet.

However, I have heard enough stories to put this nice place on my wish list and if you like good food then this is a restaurant in Copenhagen that you should not miss, of course.

Autumn- Copenhagen

My absolute favorite in Copenhagen is Høst , which means harvest in Danish. Seasonal and locally produced ingredients are therefore central to this atmospheric restaurant. If you are going to Copenhagen and want to dine in this restaurant, make sure you make a reservation in advance. They are popular and the chance that you will be in front of a closed door is quite high if you don’t make a reservation.

Høst has a brother (or sister) in the middle of the city called Vakst . We had a slightly less good experience there, but we only ate lunch there and perhaps just chose the wrong thing from the menu. This restaurant places particular emphasis on fresh vegetables and herbs. It is not a vegetarian restaurant by the way. You can also go there for a nice piece of fish or meat.

Reffen (Formerly Papiroen)

Papiroen arose as a temporary place for Copenhagen’s street food. In a large warehouse you will find various tents with the tastiest street food, which you could eat outside at the many tables. It was always the intention that it would be a temporary place, but now it has been continued under the name Reffen.

On a total surface of no less than 6000 m2, you will find more than 50 food stalls. There are weekly events and it is definitely worth spending an afternoon here. Enjoy good food, music and more. There is plenty to do, so check Reffen ‘s site for more information and the current rules. They are closed for the winter at the moment.


Fiskebaren has a shared dining concept where you order all kinds of small dishes and in this way you can enjoy more different dishes. This next level fish bar is definitely one of the must-see restaurants in Copenhagen. At the moment they are closed due to the well known reason. So before you go, check the website if and when they will open again.

Oh and if you go? Then definitely order the fish & chips. Sounds simple but this one is so delicious! Everything, by the way, but if you had to choose? Then choose that one.


Noma probably needs no further introduction. Rene Redzepi is one of the best chefs in the world, although I have to admit that I wouldn’t immediately describe some of his creations as the most appetizing. haha. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to eat there. The restaurant was closed for a year in 2017, but reopened in February 2018. At the moment, they will open again on February 1, 2022 for the new season.

Take a big wallet with you because a dinner at Noma is certainly not good. Take into account a few hundred euros. You quickly lose around 400 euros per person and that is without wine. A matching wine arrangement will cost an extra 240 euros…. No childish amounts. Now food in Denmark is by definition not very cheap, but this is really next level expensive. But then you also have a special experience.


Torvehallerne is of a completely different order. This large market hall is also full of food entrepreneurs. Similar to the Amsterdam (or Rotterdam) food halls. You can go there for your shopping, but you can also easily gather a lunch. There is plenty to eat. Wonderful to stroll around here and taste something here and there!

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