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What to Do in Mallorca (Insider Suggestions)

Strangely enough, the further I go, the easier it is for me to find it on my own. So I found Mallorca on my own to be a threshold. Even though it felt like coming home, I worked and lived in Mallorca for 9 months 10 years ago. This island does have a special memory and that is why I would like to share a few inside tips about what to do in Mallorca.

This Is Where You Want to Stay in Mallorca

Anyway, Mallorca. The largest island of the Balearic Islands. Ten years ago I went to Mallorca for my internship, where I enjoyed it so much that I stayed longer. During that period I lived and worked in Portals Nous. Portals Nous is located south of Palma, about half an hour by bus. This time I stayed in just above Palma. I also went out of my comfort zone to stay in a nice hotel this time. Normally I would choose a cozy hostel, but needed some peace and quiet.

May Is a Great Month to Go to Mallorca

The weather here in May is already wonderful, personally too cool to lie on the beach, but it is doable by a pool. About 23 degrees and generally very sunny.

Majorca Things to Do

Since I have lived in Mallorca, I would like to share some inside tips with you. This way you go a little more off the beaten track than when you stay around your holiday home.


Palma is the capital of Majorca. Everyone knows the church from the photos. The city is not too big in size and you can easily visit it in one day. Walk through the center, the shopping street, the side streets. You will come across the nicest places in this way.

Sun, Sea and Beach

My tip is take the bus to a village below or above Palma and walk along the coast. You will come across the most beautiful and smallest bays, but also the longer white sandy beaches. Then choose a nice spot and ENJOY!

Village Hopping

Mallorca has many small villages. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s those typical Spanish villages. The warm sand-colored houses, the places with fantastic views, the local people, etc. You can do this both by bus and by car! I have been to Deia, Valldemossa and Soller. Pollença must also be very beautiful. If you like a challenge you can take the climb to the monastery and spend the night there.

Historic Train

In the high season (June to September) you can take a historic train from Palma to Sollèr and then by tram to Port de Sollèr. This train goes through the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain, through various tunnels but also over beautiful bridges. The most beautiful bridge is a stop to enjoy the view. Sollèr itself has a beautiful church. Then you can go to Port de Sollèr with a historic tram. This is a lovely harbor village with a nice beach and quiet compared to Palma!

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