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A Guide to the Marais; Paris’ Luxury Neighborhood

A while ago we traveled by bus to Paris and we had planned a day at Le Marais, among other things. From our hotel in Paris (Legend Hotel) we took the metro to the Saint-Sebastian – Froissart stop. If all goes well, a stop that is in the heart of the Le Marais district and where we can find an abundance of hotspots after reading travel guides and blogs. Our first stop? The large concept store Merci, which is best known for that cool red car that stands in front of the entrance. You would want to make a French road trip with that. After Merci we decide to go to Boot Cafe and then we continue via the Rue de Froissart and Rue de Saintogne where we find the nicest coffee shop in Paris: Ob La Di. Curious about what else we saw in Le Marais? You can read it in this hotspot list below!

Looking for the Best Hotspots in Le Marais


Merci is a concept store with the most beautiful home furnishings, clothing and accessories. Be prepared for a shopping attack, because you want everything as soon as you walk in here, while it certainly isn’t all affordable. Still, just looking around is also fun and at the entrance you will find a super cool fiat 500 oldtimer. Tired of looking around? Then you can also have a drink here. You can find Merci in Le Marais at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais.

Believe E

If you like a bohemian style of clothing then the Believe E clothing store is a must visit store. You will find all kinds of boho dresses, cardigans and other gadgets. You will find Believe E opposite Vintage Desir and close to L’as du Fallafel in Le Marais on 19 Rue de Rosiers.

Leon & Harper

Near Merci you will find the store Leon & Harper. A clothing brand with slightly more expensive basics and other must-haves. The store in Le Marais looks super cool, because on the outside is the text “Hello, I love you, can you tell me your name?” written. You can find Leon & Harper at 95 Boulevard Beaumarchais.

Cafe Kitsune

Unfortunately we didn’t have time for this cafe, but Café Kitsuné looks cool and I would definitely grab it the next time I’m in Le Marais. You can find Café Kitsuné at rue Amelot at number 109. The photos above are from their website and/or social media account. As you can see, you will not only find good coffee here, but you can also shop for must-haves.

Boat Cafe

Boot cafe is a small coffee shop in a street close to Merci in the street Rue du Pont au Choux at number 19. According to many, this is the best coffee in Paris and to be honest, we can confirm that.

Ob La Dic

Through instagram I discovered the hippie coffee shop Ob La Di. Hidden in a side street somewhere in Le Marais. You will not only find delicious coffee and cake, but also the most beautiful #ihavethisthingswithfloor floor. Ob-La-Di is located at 54 Rue de Saintonge. In the same street you will also find a funny vintage store called Vintage Box with all kinds of second-hand glamorous must-haves.

Cafe Charlotte

If you want to eat a coffee or croissant at a typical traditional French cafe with a modern touch, then Café Charlot is recommended. You drink delicious French coffee & according to many you can eat the best croissants in Paris! You will find Café Chralot at 38 Rue de Bretagne.

Marche des Enfants Rouges

Fancy going to a food market when you’re in Le Marais? Then Marché des Enfants Rouges is a must. Buy fresh flowers, treats or vintage gadgets. It is for the most part a covered market where you can buy everything, but the best thing you can do there is good food. Especially the stall with Moroccan food looked very good.

Cos Store

In the nice shopping street 4 Rue des Rosiers, you will find the well-known shop Cos. Here you will find super nice basics made from the most beautiful fabrics. Of course this shop can also be found in the Netherlands, but if you’re walking through Rue de Rosiers you might as well just hop in here in Paris. Moreover, this Cos is also located in a very beautiful historic building, while the interior is very modern.

L’As du Fallafel

Very different from all the hotspots above, but at L’As du Fallafel you will find the best falafel. Like the Cos store, L’As du Fallafel can also be found at 34 Rue des Rosiers. According to many the best falafel in Paris and we have to say that we really liked it too. Great for a big lunch or just for dinner.

Vintage Desir

One of the vintage shops you’ll find near L’As du Fallafel is Vintage Desir at 32 Rue des Rosiers. Here you will find cool hats, jumpsuits, dresses, scarves and many other vintage must-haves.

What Are Your Favorite Hotspots in Le Marais?

As you can see on the map above, the Marais district is spread over the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris. Do you have any nice additions to this Le Marais list? Then leave a message below this article. Do you want to discover more nice places in Paris? Then read this article with vintage shops in Paris or discover the cool hotel La Parzienne.

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