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Best Restaurants in Savannah, Georgia (Our Picks)

To be honest we found Savannah a bit of a disappointing town when we arrived. We just came from Charleston that we fell in love with instantly, but the weather wouldn’t cooperate with (like peeing in the gutter). Savannah is different. You have to give it some time. Fortunately, while planning the road trip through the USA , I thought that Savannah would probably be nice, because I had booked three nights there. And that was a good thing. Because there is plenty to see and experience in Savannah and the surrounding area and… you can eat out in Savannah!

Before you wonder if we seriously ate at ten different restaurants in Savannah in those few days, let me reassure you. We did a food tour that allowed us to visit a little more restaurants in Savannah than would normally have been possible. The food tour is also highly recommended. We booked it through Savannah Taste Experience. The trip lasted three hours and is fun to spend an afternoon. There are several tours to choose from I believe. Ours started in Andaz.

Well Over to the Restaurants in Savannah.

The Old Pink House

The first day we saw the premises of The Olde Pink House and walked in to discuss. The reviews on here were great so it seemed like a good choice. The restaurant looks smaller from the outside, but when you enter there appear to be several rooms. We sat upstairs in a huge room. It is quite noisy because of the acoustics of the building. Apparently there was a table close to us where that was very annoying because while we were there that table was occupied by four different groups, all four of whom eventually asked for another table. I think because of the noise, but no idea what was wrong with that table.

The food was tasty and in that sense it’s a fine place to eat, but I didn’t think it was as spectacular as the reviews on tripadvisor promised. But definitely worth a visit.

The Collins Quarter

The Collins Quarter is a hip coffee shop and in the reviews it was mainly recommended for the coffee. It sits on a corner and has nice outdoor areas, which was lovely with the warm weather. A bit windy so totally perfect. It’s extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, so reservations are a must if you want to eat there or come early for lunch or dinner. That might also help. We were lucky (because we didn’t book). To be honest, we found the coffee a bit disappointing. But lunch was great. I had a lovely salad and Tom what looked like breakfast. Very nice place so for breakfast or lunch. We didn’t try dinner but I think that’s fine too.

Treylor Park

Judging by the name, I honestly thought it would be some kind of trailer park. Haha… But that’s not it. Treylor Park is also extremely popular, but if you wait a while you should normally be able to get a table. The interior is not that special but the food is top notch. I try to come up with a description of the type of cuisine, but it is difficult. Let me put it this way; you must try the tacos! The portions are American idiot big so sharing things with each other is a good idea. We had the hummus beforehand, then the bacon & cheese tacos and fried oreo for dessert. Each and every one of them is fantastic! Recommended!

The Ordinary Pub

We visited The Ordinary Pub during the food tour. They have special dishes here that sound a bit strange at first glance, but are crazy tasty. We got a dish with a title that I really can’t remember, but it came down to a cross between a kind of donut with pork belly. Sounds crazy, but it was by far the tastiest dish of the food tour. We actually wanted to eat here again in the evening after the tour, but the downside of the Ordinary Pub is that it is located in a basement. Dark, warm and they play loud music. Fine if you go with your friends I think but if you want to have a good conversation it is a challenge. Because of the warm weather we didn’t feel like sitting in a cellar in the end.

Green Truck Pub

For the very best burgers (including veggie burgers) head to the Green Truck Pub . It is also very popular again. We had to wait a while at the bar before we had a table but there are people queuing outside to get in. You have been warned. In many of these places you can’t serve at all, so arriving at the right time (whatever that may be) is handy. We had the ‘Whole Farm’ burger. So one that has everything on it. And indeed it was a top burger! If you like burgers, then definitely go here!

Molly Mcpherson’s Scottish Pub

Yes, a Scottish pub in the middle of Savannah. The pub is really run by a shot and if you like English pubs and the accompanying beer and interior then this is a must. There is also a nice atmosphere and the beers are top notch. We got a cottage pie here during the food tour. (mini version of that of course) and that was delicious. Nice if you want something different.

Tondee’s Tavern

The local dish to eat in Savannah is shrimp & grits. In short, a kind of breakfast-like dish with shrimps and polenta. It’s on almost every menu and you can get it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Somehow it didn’t sound very appealing so we hadn’t taken it yet but part of the food tour at Tondee’s Tavern and it was surprisingly delicious! They are known for their amazing cheesecakes. Also tasted a piece of that and it is indeed very tasty!


If you want to eat a bit more ‘on the table’, the restaurant in the Andaz hotel is a good choice. It was the start of the food tour and we ate Fried green tomatoes with shrimp. Also a local specialty in my opinion. Ideal when the weather is warm, because there is air conditioning and good food..

Pie Society

The Pie Society is not so much a restaurant but more the place to get pies. There are quite a few small seats inside and out but it’s not really that big. They do have the tastiest pies and things like sausage rolls and the like.


The Fitzroy is under the same ownership as The Collins Quarter and if you are at one it is recommended to go to the other. It is a beautiful building and the restaurant has been built in a former gym. We hadn’t booked (because they had told Collins that wasn’t necessary) but it was full. We had a drink at the bar (they also have nice cocktails!) where we could have eaten, but in the end we went to Treylor Park. Fitzroy is hip but again here the acoustics of the building are bad, so it quickly becomes a noise. If you don’t mind that, then definitely go!

All in all, Savannah is a really nice city to stroll around for a few days. By the way, it is recommended to download the ‘Open Table’ app when you go to the US. You can easily make reservations here for certain restaurants in Savannah. Or search for recommendations. I also like to use Foursquare for this.

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