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Do Not Miss These Sights and Activities On Your Visit to Doesburg

Doesburg, a Hanseatic town in the Netherlands, is not only rich of historic, medieval buildings, but it is also home to the mustard factory, attractive boutiques, and a variety of pleasant places to drink and eat. What attractions should you make a point of seeing in Doesburg? What gorgeous attractions should you see while you are in this city in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands? The most interesting suggestions for things to do in Doesburg, all in one place.

Discover the to Do’s and Sights of Doesburg

When you walk through Doesburg, it seems as if you are going back in time. The layout of the streets is just like in the Middle Ages and the monumental buildings have been nicely preserved over the years. One of the characteristic buildings in the town is De Waag. This building dates from 1478 and was formerly used to weigh the incoming goods. A lot of beer was also sold through the Waag, which made it immediately the city beer house. De Waag is still a restaurant and café and because beer has been sold for more than 500 years in a row, it is the oldest catering facility in the Netherlands.

Things to Do in Doesburg: Sights & To Do’s

Doesburg: the Mustard City

Doesburg is located on the borders of the Achterhoek, Veluwe and Liemers and has a beautiful location because it is located on the IJssel and the Oude IJssel. The town received city rights in 1237, which is 60 years earlier than Amsterdam. In addition, Doesburg is known for the Doesburgsche Mosterdfabriek, where mustard originally comes from.

In 1974 the old mustard factory was expanded into a working museum with a small production company. In the museum you can see old mills and other equipment used to make mustard. You will learn how mustard is made in the museum and you can buy all kinds of handicraft products at De Gildehof, the small square next to the museum.

Shopping in the Hanseatic City of Doesburg

Do you want to go shopping? Doesburg is home to a lot of charming stores where you may spend your time browsing. For example, Jets Style is a store where you can get clothing, greeting cards, jewelry, and other interesting items for your home. Cotton & Coffee is also a pleasant place to spend some time. While you’re out shopping, you can grab a cup of coffee right away. Do you want to buy candles? After that, proceed to the Candle Studio. There are numerous candles, of course, but there are also other household items can be found here.

Eating and Drinking With the Nuns

Before you examine the late Gothic Martinitoren, also known as the Grote Kerk, from the interior and from above, take a seat at Het Arsenaal 1309, which is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Yet another stunning structure with a fascinating history. It used to be a nunnery, but it was later converted into a weapons store. A restaurant with a comprehensive lunch, beverages, and supper menu has been added to the building.

Climb the Martinitoren Doesburg

Do you think you’ll have the time and interest to climb the Martinitoren following the holiday break? This tower stands 94 meters tall, and you can ascend the 220 stairs to the observation deck with the assistance of a guide. The church is the tallest structure in Doesburg and Gelderland, and it is also the most important. The climb is well worth it, as you are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the IJssel landscape, the Hanseatic city, and the Veluwezoom, Liemers, and Achterhoek islands.

Spend the Night in Doesburg

There are few hotels in Doesburg, but you can sleep well at bed & breakfast De Oude Wasserij. The rooms are spacious and fully equipped. The ideal base to discover Doesburg and the surrounding area!

You see there is a lot to do in Doesburg! Super nice for a day trip, but also very nice for a weekend. You can also combine it with a visit to Arnhem or Zutphen. If you prefer nature, then go to the Hoge Veluwe National Park or the Veluwezoom National Park.

Do You Have Any Nice Tips For Doesburg?

Is there anything more we should know about Doesburg? Is it better to stay in a luxury hotel or a beautiful restaurant? In the meantime, do you have a question about a visit to this Hanseatic town? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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