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Guides to Shopping for Second-hand Clothing in Vintage Stores in Paris

Voila, Paris is a shopping mecca. We all know that. You have amazing department stores, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées is decorated with well-known premium brands and in addition… Paris also has many trendy vintage shops. This article is about the latter. Where can you find the best second-hand boutiques and where is the best vintage shopping in Paris? We looked it up when we went to Paris by bus. You can fill a day with the list below, so be prepared!

Vintage Shopping in Paris

Kilo Store

The second-hand shop Kilo Shop (actually there are 2 branches located next to each other) is the first thrift shop we enter. All clothing is neatly arranged by type or color on the racks, making it almost feel like a ‘normal’ store. Cool items are certainly among them, from leather jackets to floral dresses. We could probably have stayed here for hours. Despite the name, items are also sold here at fixed prices, but in general you pay per kilo. Each piece of clothing is labeled with a color (for example, see the white shoes above, one has a green button and the other a red one) and a certain kilo price is associated with each color. There are scales scattered throughout the store so that you can weigh exactly how expensive the must-have you want is.

Vintage Bar

At number 16 on the rue de la Verrerie in the Le Marais district you will find the shop ‘Vintage Bar’. Here you will find an overdose of vintage jewelry, but also clothing and shoes can be found in this second-hand shop. Like many other second-hand shops in Paris, this shop looks much smaller from the outside than it is inside. And don’t let all the accessories in the shop window stop you, because they also have clothes here!

Mamz’Elle Swing

Looking for a special dress and do you like a retro vibe? Then Mamz’Elle Swing is the vintage store to visit. You pay a little more for the dresses, but if you’re going to a party or want to wear them for several summers, it’s definitely worth it. Mamz’Elle Swing is a small shop with a fantastic pink window that you certainly won’t pass quickly when you walk down Rue du Roi de Sicile. The specialty of this vintage shop are the 1920s and 1930s cocktail dresses.

The King of Frip Vintage

On the same street as Mamz’Elle Swing you will find the larger vintage store The King of Frip Vintage on a corner. Because this second-hand shop is located on a corner, you will soon run into it and it is certainly large. Here you can buy vintage denim jackets, bags, dresses with prints and all kinds of other funny vintage items. Definitely worth popping in.

Kennedy Black

If you like grunge clothes and a rock style, you should go to Noir Kennedy. You will find bizarre clothing here, but also cool shirts from bands and other must-haves such as a romantic dress with lace here and there. Noir Kennedy can also be found in Le Marais in the street Rue du Roi de Sicile. Be sure to walk upstairs in this small shop, from there you also have a nice view from the window over the opposite building.

Vintage Desir

In the cozy street Rue de Rosiers you will find the vintage shop Vintage Desir. It has a fantastic facade made of wood and inside you can find all kinds of second-hand treasures. From cool jumpsuits, to stylish hats and dresses set with sequins. You will find bags here for € 5 and boots for € 15, so it’s nice and affordable and definitely worth looking between the racks. Ooh and if you fancy a snack afterwards, you should stop by the falafel shop just down the street.

Little Box

For those looking for a pair of vintage Pradas or a vintage Chanel, go to Little Box. A mega small shop that immediately stands out because of the red color and gigantic letters above the door. Chanel wallets are displayed in the shop window and inside you will find must-haves from all kinds of other well-known brands. Be prepared for the price tags. Because they consist of 3 or 4 digits rather than less.

Hippy Market

Hippy Market can be found on Rue de Turbigo. A stylish and neatly decorated vintage store, where the price tags are also slightly higher than, for example, Kilo Shop or Free’P’Star. Here you will find furs, checks, flowers, denim and all kinds of other vintage wannahaves. In the form of hats or shoes, shirts or trousers.


Towards the Les Halles district, not too far from Le Marais, you will find the vintage store Kiliwatch. Vintage and new items are actually combined here, so you don’t have the feeling of being in a second-hand shop at all. A nice shop, where you can find cool vintage for prices comparable to a Zara for example.

Ready for Even More Second-hand Shops for Vintage Shopping?

Then it might also be fun to go to the following shops. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for that, but from hearsay they are definitely recommended:


In the same street as ‘Vintage bar’ you will find the vintage shop Frip’irium at number 2. If we are to believe the pictures on Google, you can also spend hours here rummaging around between racks. With perhaps a cool dress or blouse as a reward.

By Flowers

This vintage shop can be found close to the Sacre Coeur at 86 rue des Martyrs. You can certainly find enough floral prints here, at least that’s the feeling we get when we see a name like that.

Rag and Dizziness

The prices here vary from between 5 and 500 euros. So be careful if you want to try on and buy something. So don’t be fooled by the appearance of this vintage store. This shop can be found at 85 Rue Saint-Martin.


We have it in Amsterdam, we have it in Utrecht, but also in Paris: the Episode. You can find this vintage shop at 12-16 rue Tiquetonne. Always nice to pop in!


Also at 73 Rue de Rochechouart is a vintage shop called Mamie. It looks like a cozy and quirky vintage shop. As if you can find the cutest stuff here!

Do You Want to Go Vintage Shopping in Paris? Then Here Are Some Useful Tips:

Did you know, for example, that you can go to Paris by bus from 29 euros? Nice and cheap, so you have enough money left for a day of second-hand shopping. Are you still looking for a nice hotel and one that fits perfectly with a shopping weekend in Paris? Then you really have to check out the La Parzienne Hotel. An incredibly cool hotel, very nicely decorated, conveniently located (next to the Lafayette shopping center!) and they have a top breakfast.

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