You are currently viewing Hiking Trails and Day Trip Suggestions for Regte Heide, Netherlands

Hiking Trails and Day Trip Suggestions for Regte Heide, Netherlands

The vast nature reserve De Regte Heide is located a few kilometers from Tilburg. This beautiful heathland is about 250 hectares and borders Belgium. You will mostly find heathland, stream valleys and coniferous forests here. There are a number of nice walks in the area and there are more enough nice cafes and restaurants to take a break.

Why the Regte Heide is Such a Special Area

The Regte Heide is surrounded by stream valleys and has a large difference in height by Dutch standards. It can differ up to five meters in height in this area and that is quite unique for this region. In the west lies the stream valley of the Oude Leij and in the east the stream valley of the Poppelsche Leij. In addition, you will find a number of burial mounds from the Middle Bronze Age on the Regte Heide. This is also called the Five Mountain. In the 1930s, all kinds of grave goods came up here during excavations. Throughout the area you will find many different species of plants, butterflies and birds, so bird lovers will enjoy themselves here.

Out and About in the Regte Heide

Wondering where is the best place to go? Below you will find the best walking routes on the Regte Heide. Also listed some other tips!

Regte Heide Walking Routes

Hiking Trails from Riel

Various walks have been set out in the nature reserve and around the Regte Heide. One of these routes starts at Den Overkant in Riel, a village close to the heath. You can have a coffee here first or finish your walk with a drink and snack. From this cafe you walk through the authentic village towards the stream valley of the Oude Leij. This is where the Regte Heide begins. The walk covers more than eight kilometers and takes you past conifers, rhododendrons and former moors.

Hiking Route Over the Regte Heide

A beautiful walking route on the Regte Heide is that of five kilometers along Hoeves and Grafheuvels. This walk takes you over the Regte Heide and along the various burial mounds in the area. The map can be found on this website. A number of shorter walking routes can also be found in this area. When you start at Het Hoefke 6 in Riel, you walk, for example, the yellow route of four kilometers or the red route of three or four kilometers. The blue route of four kilometers starts near the intersection Nieuwkerksedijk/De Zes Blokskes.

Klooster Nieuwkerk: Walking in Brabant

Not far from the Regte Heide is Klooster Nieuwkerk (you can also stay here). This monastery is located in a beautiful location in the middle of the woods and you can drink coffee, have lunch, celebrate a party and stay overnight. This monastery with chapel was inaugurated in 1913 and was then a place for priests in training. Private individuals have since bought the monastery and it is now a restaurant, café and hotel. Various walks start from this monastery that also lead over the Regte Heide.

Walk Through Nature Reserves Near Goirle

This also applies to the walking route ‘Goolse secrets route Klooster Nieuwkerk’. This walk is about eleven kilometers long and crosses the Regte Heide. The route passes the ‘Mariagrotje’, which the Tilburg textile baron Van Doren had placed around 1920. You will also come across the burial mounds on the Regte Heide. This heath owes its name to the past. ‘The heath of justice’; because criminals used to be hanged on the gallows in this area. Just before the end of this walk you will pass the ‘Half Moon’, a fen in the shape of a half moon.

Spend the Night at the Regte Heide

Would you like to spend the night near this nature reserve after a full day of hiking? Then book a hotel room in Klooster Nieuwkerk, you will sleep in the middle of the woods and in a very characteristic building. You can also spend the night in one of the Nature Houses near the Regte Heide. For example in this house in Rie l, which is located near a butterfly garden. The cottage is suitable for two people and is located near the forest and the heath. Also this Nature Houseis located on the Regte Heide. The cottage is for four people and has everything for a nice weekend away. You can cook, sit outside on the veranda and you have a nice wood stove in the living room. From this house you can walk straight to De Regte Heide and you will be at nice restaurants and cafes in no time.

Day in Tilburg and Visit La Trappe Brewery

Combine your stay with a visit to Tilburg and other great places in the region. From here you can easily spend a day at the Efteling or you can combine it with a city trip to Tilburg. Do a beer tasting at La Trappe? Or pay a visit to the TextielMuseum or the Spoorzone in Tilburg? From the Regte Heide you can easily reach the center of Tilburg and discover the best hotspots there.

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