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Incredible Dining Options in Edinburgh’s Trendiest Districts

With a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, Edinburgh’s culinary offerings are sure to please. With Culture Trip’s guide to dining in the city’s hottest spots, you can treat yourself to a Michelin-starred meal in the port suburb of Leith or a typical low-key pub meal in the bohemian district of Stockbridge.

Even though many visitors to Edinburgh each year come in search of the traditional Scottish menus (of which there is no shortage), there are many others who come in search of the expanding number of unique eating opportunities. Many chefs in the area place a high value on using fresh, seasonal ingredients from their own backyards in their cooking.

Leith Seafood and Game Bistro Bar’s private dining room

This cozy seafood inn in Edinburgh’s unofficial seafood district has a distinct Highland inn feel about it. Come to A Room In Leith for an evening of delicious food and good company, and don’t forget to wash it all down with a few little whiskies.


Leith residents who know what they’re doing have a loyal following at Tapa, which serves an eclectic menu that’s far afield from the conventional Scottish fare. In a departure from the norm, the chef’s mother gives her own recipe for venison stew that’s not to be missed in this restaurant.

Martin Wishart Restaurant

Restaurant Martin Wishart in Leith, Edinburgh’s first to receive a prestigious Michelin star, is credited with transforming a once-forgotten part of the city into one of the city’s most dynamic culinary scenes. Known for its delectable tasting menus, which combine classic French cuisine with Scottish lobsters and langoustines, this restaurant’s clean dining room, complete with crisp linen tablecloths, further enhances the refined experience.

The Vegan Restaurant at Hendersons

Hendersons Vegan Restaurant, a New Town institution since the 1960s, only turned entirely vegan in 2015. There is nothing pretentious about it, from its navy-painted façade to its plant-based contents. Try the vegan haggis, accompanied with red wine gravy and potatoes served since 1968, if you wish to sample house specialties.

The best wine in the world

Grand Cru, a lounge-style restaurant that offers cocktails and is within a short distance from the luxury shopping area of George Street, is a fantastic option for an early dinner and drinks. At reasonable prices, the portions are large. The tarragon cream sauce on the mussels is a wonderful pleasure.

This Is How You Enter The Cellar

In terms of foot traffic, it’s fair to say that The Cellar Dog is well-known in the Old Town. Pendant lighting and exposed floorboards are just two of the modern touches that make this eatery so popular. Scotland’s natural resources, including lochs and seas, have been used by the restaurant’s chefs to create exquisite cuisine with a modern touch.

It was Bubba Q’s turn.

To unwind after a long day of exploring the Royal Mile, stop into Bubba Q for some hearty smoked fare like pork sliders or juicy hamburgers. There is a generous amount of the kitchen’s trademark barbecue dry rub sprinkled liberally across the menu. Due to the large portions, we recommend skipping lunch in favor of dinner instead.


Piccolino in Fountainbridge, west of the city center, is a wonderful alternative for a neighborhood Italian. Homemade pasta and fresh mozzarella, as well as hearty tomato sauces and risottos studded with squid and shrimp, are the focus of this restaurant, one of the few in the city that does not serve Scottish fare

One of the best restaurants in Stockbridge

The Stockbridge Restaurant, located in the fashionable Stockbridge neighborhood, is a local favorite. Fish and game dishes are always fresh and delicious, and the menu changes daily to reflect the catch of the day. There is a wide selection of wine, and the candlelight dining area, with large paintings on the dark walls, gives a Gothic air that is ideal for a slow evening.

Both the Scran and the Scallie are known for their versatility.

Everyone in Stockbridge knows that Tom Kitchin and Dominic Jack’s joint venture, The Scran and Scallie, serves up the best pub grub in town. With delicacies like home-made fish pie and braised lamb rump, dining at this gastropub is like going to dinner at a very posh friend’s house: you’ll be glad you made the effort. However, you will have to pay for it.

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