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Naples Restaurants: These Are the Best Places to Eat in the City

Naples, one of the largest cities in Italy and the capital of the province of Campania. There is a lot to do in the city and around Naples itself. Of course, all those visits also make you hungry. Italy has a delicious cuisine, just think of pasta and pizza, pastries, coffee or a spritzer! And of course you can also enjoy this in Naples. In order not to have to search for the best places, I have made a list of restaurants in Naples where you can have the best dinner.

Eating Out at the Best Restaurants in Naples

These are the best restaurants in Naples in my opinion!

Dining in the Middle of the Street at Pizzeria Speranzella

The Spanish Quarter must be the busiest and coziest part of Naples. It was recommended to us by some locals so you already have a suspicion that it will be good. And yes, it was really delicious dining again! Pizzeria Speranzella has a very extensive menu, so it is difficult to choose. The atmosphere and service are also top notch! Truly a place with character. The pizzeria is hidden in a small street, away from the tourist traps. So a little gem! What is also so nice here is that your table is on the street and cars regularly pass right next to your table. A very nice experience.

The Tastiest Pizza at Pizzeria Da Michele

The very best pizza from Naples can be found at pizzeria Da Michele. Movie buffs will recognize this spot from the movie ‘Eat Pray Love’ starring Julia Roberts. And not only Julia Roberts is a famous guest there. Maradonna, the football god of Naples, has also eaten a delicious pizza there. Da Michele only serves four types of pizza and some standard drinks such as soft drinks and beer. My recommendation? The Pizza Margherita and the Marinara. Go crazy and have them both! You won’t regret this. To get a real Neapolitan experience, fold the pizza lengthwise and eat it like that. Delicious! If you want to get a seat in this well-known pizzeria, you will first have to close at the back of the line outside. And once you’re in, you’re out in no time. Do not expect that you will dine extensively. Despite that, it is all definitely worth it!

A Neapolitan Specialty at Zia Esterina Sorbillo

A real Neapolitan specialty is pizza fritta or deep-fried pizza. I can already hear you thinking ‘is that possible?’ Yes, that is certainly possible and it is delicious! The pizza fritta originated during the Second World War. At that time there was very little food and much poverty in the city. Nowadays it is really a must eat in Naples. The, in my opinion, the tastiest pizza fritta can be found at Zia Esterina Sorbillo. This small shop only does take away and is located in the busy shopping street ‘Toledo’. Ideal snack while shopping!

Fresh Fish at Il Transatlantico

For the tastiest and freshest fish you go to the marina of Naples. Here you will find several super cozy and nice restaurants that give a view of all the beautiful yachts and boats that are bobbing in the harbor. I think the most famous restaurant has to be Il Transatlantico. To have a bite to eat here you have to wait a while, luckily you are offered a place and a glass of cava when waiting. After waiting a while you get a huge menu of dishes with fresh fish. And believe me they are so delicious! Add their house wine and you have a successful dinner. When you go here try to go around sunset, the sun setting in the sea and the Castel dell’Ovo in the background make it a magical place.

Neapolitan Pasta at Its Best at Restaurant Da Donato

Restaurant Da Donato is located in a side street of the busy square “Piazza Garibaldi”. On this busy square you will find a lot of restaurants that want to lure you to their business, but it is best to step into a small side street, because there you can really enjoy super fresh and delicious Italian dishes. My favorites are definitely the pasta! It’s so good here and not expensive at all. The restaurant is also very cosy. By the way, there can’t be that many tables inside, so book in advance otherwise there is a good chance that you have to come back half an hour to 45 minutes later. You can end your dinner with some good desserts, including Neapolitan classics.

Snacks and Drinks With a View at Renzo e Lucia

No city trip or trip is complete without having seen the city from above. Fortunately, you can combine that with an aperitivo, a snack and drink with a view. From 5 pm, Neapolitans start their aperitif time of the day. So in most places you get some tasty snacks when ordering a drink. Think salty biscuits and olives. To reach the spot you first take a tram that goes up the mountain and then take a short walk from the tram station. The restaurant is called Renzo e Lucia. You can also dine here if you want. The restaurant is not that cheap compared to many other places in Naples, but you can enjoy a beautiful view. We didn’t eat here, but if you want to do that, it’s best to book in advance if you really want the best spot.

In which restaurants in Naples would you like to dine?

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