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Observations to Make When Visiting a Rental Property

House-hunting is a fun activity. Despite this, it’s all too easy to get pulled into the decor and spend far too much time appreciating the soft furnishings. Alternatively, you could spend your time looking at family photos rather than the things you should be searching for while seeing a home.

The purchase of a home is a significant financial investment that may last a lifetime. Having set those appointments with your Dagenham estate agents and having a list of properties in mind to view, it’s time to begin…

Observations to Make When Visiting a Rental Property


First, let’s go to the very beginning. Examine the roof before you even step foot inside to determine the condition it is in before you proceed further. Given the limited visibility from ground level, this isn’t a bad option. The only way to tell whether it’s in good shape is to look at it closely and see if there are a lot of broken tiles.


Take a closer look at the windows, even if the merchants have polished them to a brilliant shine. Make a dent in the wooden frames with your finger, and they’re definitely rotten.

Double-check the windows if they’re made of uPVC to ensure they’re free of condensation.


When you’re out and about, even if you’re giddy with delight at the sight of what appears to be your ideal home, take a time to feel the ground beneath your feet. Is the ground even? Is it a squeak or a rattle?

Water Pressure

Getting out of your comfort zone is difficult for everyone, especially those who are shy. The faucets and the shower should all be on at this point. After all, if you take a shower to relieve your tension, you’ll want to make sure the water pressure is adequate and the faucets don’t just drip water like a watering can.

Room Sizes

It is possible for vendors to make rooms appear larger than they really are. Is the double bed in the second bedroom actually a conventional double, or is it a mini double that has been crammed in to make the space appear larger?

Is the kitchen well-stocked with all the tools you’ll need to make vegan cookies? Check to see if a refrigerator/freezer, washing machine, and dishwasher can be accommodated if none are already present.

Never let the illusion of a larger room be swayed by the presence of miniature furnishings. Is the room big enough for your furniture?

Power Points

We now have so many electronics and appliances that we require more power outlets than before. Make sure there are enough power outlets to accommodate your needs. If there aren’t enough, you can always add more, but it’s a costly and dirty option that you may not want to take if you can.

What Direction Does the Garden Face?

All day sunlight in the south is ideal for gardeners and sun-seekers. It’s not impossible to have a north-facing garden with a long enough length to catch some of the sun’s rays as you walk through it. You may only get a few hours of sun in the morning if your yard has a small courtyard-style garden facing north.

Consumer Unit

Check the age of the consumer unit (the old-fashioned term for the fuse board). As long as the electricity is coming from a modern consumer unit, you may at least be assured that it will shut off instantly should something go wrong.


What about storage space? Do the bedrooms have built-in wardrobes, an under-the-stairs storage area, and attic space? Storage is always a necessity.

Wrapping Up (Observations to Make When Visiting a Rental Property)

There are a total of nine things to keep an eye out for when going house hunting. You should also take into account other issues, such as wetness, cracks, and whether you can move out of your driveway in the morning and aren’t clogged up by school-run mothers.

Despite the fact that your surveyor will indicate any issues (except for school-run moms), make sure you give the aforementioned consideration when looking at suitable houses.

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