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Spring Cleaning Your Life: Ideas for Getting Things Done

The time has come to think about doing some spring cleaning around the house and in your personal life. New year’s resolutions may have worn off their luster. It’s likely that you’ll wish to relive that feeling of freshness once spring arrives.

There is no reason why we can’t follow in the footsteps of the trees. Getting rid of the things in your life that don’t serve you and replacing them with better ones is what it means to “clean your life.”

So many benefits may be gained by spring cleaning your life as well as your home. The following are seven methods for purifying your life:

Clear out the clutter in your home or office

As the arrival of spring draws near, you’ll want to get your living space in order so that you’ll be ready for the new season when it arrives. That pile of things “I need to sort” and “I need to throw away” that you’ve had your eye on for a long time is now yours to clear out. This is the time. You don’t have to keep things around that are just gathering dust. That dreaded “junk drawer” you’ve been avoiding lately? It’s time to start purging! Having a clean house not only makes cleaning easier, but it also helps you relax and de-stress.

Reset Your Financial Situation

Organizing your money and taking a closer look at them now is a great idea. With this information, you may examine all of your expenses and identify areas in which you can cut costs. You may be paying for a subscription that you don’t actually need. Having an expired gym membership? Do you prefer cosmetics or subscriptions for beauty? If you’ve been intending to save money but haven’t gotten around to it, look no further. Consider your savings and what you can do to boost them as part of your overall financial plan.

Take a Closer Look at Your Friendships

Even if we’ve learned nothing else from the past several years, the most important lesson is that our time is limited. Do you have any poisonous or draining relationships in your life? You should think about establishing some loving and firm boundaries.

When you conduct an honest audit of your life, you’ll be able to recognize the people that encourage, uplift, and love you. In order to get the most out of these interactions, you need to refocus your energy and attention on those people.

It’s time to look at your social calendar once you’ve weeded out the bad ones. Your values, deeper aspirations, and self-esteem can all be reflected in the activities and events you participate in.

Take a Closer Look at Your Files

In both your physical and digital worlds, documents, recipes, emails and forms may clog up your space.

It’s critical that you have a specific location for your papers, so that it may be kept safe and secure. For each document, I keep it in a distinct folder in a file storage box with tabs. You should set aside some time each week to go over your documentation, sort through it, and throw away anything that is no longer relevant. This activity should be repeated once a week.

It’s just as vital to keep your digital paperwork organized and orderly to avoid a congested inbox. Unfortunately, you may also receive all of those annoying sales emails in addition to spam messages. If you’ve been receiving sales or spam emails, now is the time to unsubscribe and delete any older communications. Archiving emails is a great way to maintain track of critical correspondence. A less-cluttered inbox means you’re less likely to overlook important emails.

By deleting your emails, you are also doing your part to help the environment. When sending an email, the amount of electricity used is equal to 4g of CO2 emissions. There is an average carbon footprint of 50g when sending an email with an image attachment, which requires additional storage and transmission time. Electricity is required for the storing of every email you have, whether you have viewed it or not That’s enough electricity to remove 1,725,000 GB if everyone deleted 10 emails (spam or not), which takes 32kWh, or 55.2 million kWh, to delete 1,000 emails. Take the time to clear out your inbox!

Password Forgot

When it comes to password security you should always keep an eye out for your online safety. Changing passwords on a regular basis is a good idea. There is a lot of private information stored on your computer or gadget. When you’re linked to a network, it’s even more important to keep your data safe and sound. Changing your passwords on a quarterly basis is recommended.

Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

In the same way, your closet can become cluttered with things you don’t even use. Clear out your closet and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit or that you don’t like. This may be really relaxing, and it also makes your clothes appear more well-ordered.

Don’t just toss clean garments in the trash. A clothing donation bin at your local recycling center may be an alternative for you if you don’t have anybody else to donate to.

Organize Your Phone in the Spring

Spring cleaning your phone may be on your mind, but how do you do it? When it’s clogged up with junk, it’s just like every other piece of technology.

When you clean out your phone, you should expect better performance and an easier time locating the files you need. The following are four suggestions for spring cleaning your phone:

Photographs that you’ve taken

Is it a habit of yours to collect screenshots? I’m confident that I can be better than I am right now. Do you have images that are out of focus or of nothing in particular? Cleaning up your images and eliminating any that are no longer relevant or useful will free up storage space on your phone. It’s also much easier to find the photographs you’re looking for thanks to this feature.

FreePrints is a great option if you want to print a large number of images. Each month, you get 45 free prints for the price of postage and packaging; you can, of course, purchase additional prints if you choose.

Your scribblings

Notes apps that allow you to store information like as grocery lists and phone contacts should be wiped away on a regular basis. When I go shopping, I often take notes and then forget to delete them when I’m done. As a result, your phone will be cleaner, and you’ll be able to retrieve the information you need faster.

As a result of the people you’ve made

Spring cleaning is a perfect time to get rid of things like this. You have the option of deleting any outdated contacts you no longer need. A contact clean out is one of my favorite things to do!


Take a look through your phone’s app drawer and delete any apps that you no longer use. If you want to clear up space on your phone, you may want to try this. Also, if you find yourself spending too much time on your phone playing games, you can delete them. The removal of inactive apps from my home screen made it look much more presentable.

I’ve compiled a list of other areas in your life where you can do some spring cleaning:

  • Decluttering one’s head
  • Organize your time better.
  • Make a thorough inspection of your automobile.
  • Spring clean your work area

Do something different from what you’re used to doing — discover a new habit.

Clear your social media feeds and direct messages (DMs)

Spring cleaning is a great way to get your life back on track. It’s good for the mind and body to get a good spring cleaning. De-cluttering in the spring is also beneficial for reducing anxiety, despair, and tension.

Do you have a plan for spring cleaning? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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