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Summer Dining in London’s Best Restaurants and Bars

Venues in London are finally open for business after several months of closures, making this summer one of the most exciting in recent memory. In order to assist us celebrate our independence, entrepreneurs have modernized historic rooftops and developed whole new experiences. Here are some of London’s greatest food and drink spots to check out this summer.

Aerial View of London

Astonishing eating experience has relocated to North Greenwich this year after previously been located elsewhere in London. When you’re dangling 100ft (30m) in the air, dining and drinking at a table that rises up from the ground, the O2 is the most visible landmark. Dining al fresco is elevated to absurd levels here, but if your stomach can withstand it, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

LexTempus Music Multisensory Experiential Sound Environment

If dining in the sky isn’t quite your thing, how about a three-decade tour through American pop culture? The notion is far more straightforward than it may appear, thanks in part to the location’s excellent sound system. Here, you’re transported back to the 1950s and the world of jazz’s most important players in America. After the jazzy introduction, you also hear soul and disco on your way from Boston to San Francisco. Although the music does most of the heavy lifting, themed cocktails are a nice touch. Music and cocktail fans alike will enjoy this one.

Garden on the roof of the Botanist Gin

Several feature films have been filmed at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel since its renovation, but this summer, the rooftop is the place to be. One of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, The Roof Garden, is located on top of the Shard in downtown London and offers a wide range of entertainment options from live sports to music. In spite of the fact that Kings Cross is often the center of attention, the terrace is a wonderful place to spend the day in the summer.

The Summer Block Party at Nine Lives Alley

From June through August, this iconic Bermondsey bar will host a block party on the last Friday of every month this season. In addition to its Mexican street cuisine and beverages, the open-air restaurant is located just a few blocks from London Bridge. In the summer, Nine Lives Alley is a great spot to hang out with friends, sip cocktails, and re-discover the joy of being unrestrained.

The 12th tack

Twelveth Knot, the Sea Containers rooftop bar that was closed during the pandemic, will reopen this summer. The Sunset Series is a series of events being held by the venue to celebrate the occasion, which includes live music, themed cocktails, and a wide variety of food and drink options for guests. If you want to see the most recent menu and book a table for a special deal, plan your visit in advance.

Members of Maggies Social Club

To celebrate the United Kingdom Independence Day festivities, this trendy nightclub in Chelsea has already had a spectacular reopening. As a way to make up for the time lost when Maggie’s closed its doors for the season, the club will be open seven days a week starting today. Whether you’ve been missing out on a good time or are just nostalgic for the 1980s, this is the place to be.


It’s a great place for a romantic evening in the heart of London, and Cahoots takes the finest of themed restaurants and strips away all of the extraneous frills. There are dodgy characters that invite you down to the blitz, where the real fun begins. As soon as all the businesses have closed, you may have stumbled upon this secret treasure.


An old favorite, but one that’s returned with a new menu, new cocktails, and a new attitude. In spite of its reputation, we’ve always found it to have a feisty vibe, which is still there and accounted for. Jack Smith, the hotel’s newly hired executive chef, has prepared fish ballotine with clam and mussel broth and foraged sea herbs as the main course, and strawberry and pistachio verrine with fromage blanc and basil sorbet as the dessert.


New restaurant Manuele Bazzoni brings a bit of northern Italy to Kings Cross, but offsets it with a unique interior design that will have you arranging a second visit as soon as you see it. Within a Victorian industrial-style indoor pergola, the restaurant and bar is a massive art installation including coal, steel, and oak furnishings, all of which are accented with bright magenta hues. Consequently, the riddle of how this place came to be known as it is now closed once and for all.

A game of Hijingo Bingo

Hijingo Bingo: What is it and how does it work? As far as we know, there’s a lot of bingo going on, which is a good thing because the classic game just had a rebirth. An all-out sensory assault is provided by novelty cocktails and mouthwatering street cuisine delivered alongside high-tech number calling in this iteration. There have been attempts to re-invent other sports for Londoners, such as darts, table tennis, and even golf.

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