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The Most Adorable Beach Bars in the Netherlands

A while back we already made a list of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands, but today we are looking at the best beach bars in the Netherlands! Where can you really enjoy the Dutch coast as soon as the sun shines, have a great swim or have a drink and what are the best beaches in the Netherlands when it comes to food? We made a list of our favorites! Scroll on and discover everything about the coolest hotspots by the sea!

Hippie Fish, Zandvoort, North Holland

In terms of furnishing, we think that Hippy Fish in Zandvoort is certainly one of the most beautiful beach bars in the Netherlands. As soon as you step in here you will no longer find yourself in our cold little country, but instinctively in sunny Ibiza or tropical Bali. Everywhere you will find nice corners where you can sit and everything in the interior has been paid attention to in a super tasteful way. By the way, do you see anything cool? Then there is a good chance that you can just buy it! Hippie Fish not only sells good food and drinks (be sure to order a cold pressed juice and one of the fresh fish dishes), but also has its own line of furniture. Their furniture warehouse is located near the beach of Noordwijk.

Cape North, Texel, Wadden Islands

You will find a lot of beach bars on Texel, but after extensive testing we have come to the conclusion that Cape North is really the most cozy and cozy. The sign that you see when you enter, puts you in a good mood right away: “Smile, and the world smiles back” and the beach bar itself is also nicely decorated. Expect robust wooden scaffolding furniture and dozens of accessories that have everything to do with the beach and the sea! Oh and is a cold day? Then the couch by the fireplace is one of the most popular spots in the entire tent! In terms of food, you should really order the beachcombing board, which is always full of the tastiest snacks. Order a Texel beer with it and you are guaranteed a good evening.

SOIA, Utrecht, Utrecht

Who says that beach bars only have to be on the beach? You can find this wannabe beach club in Utrecht and of course near the water. Beach Oog In Al, which SOIA stands for, is a super cozy spot, just outside the center where you can lie in the sun for hours in the summer and where you can often have a party!

Blooming Beach, Mountains, North Holland

In North Holland you may find the most trendy beach bars in the Netherlands. One of our favorites there is Blooming Beach in Bergen. On their menu you will find delicious wines, but the dishes also always look very good. For example, order sea bass, oysters or start your day at Blooming Beach and choose the acai bowl for breakfast. In terms of drinks, the GTs here are also very tasty! Oh and besides having a nice beach bar, there is also a beautiful and stylish hotel where you can spend the night. Nice if you want to turn your day at the beach into a weekend!

Winter Lodge, Noordwijk, South-Holland

In Noordwijk you will find an incredibly cool beach bar in a gigantic greenhouse with a sea view. In winter this is the Winter Lodge of Noordwijk, which is owned by the same owners as Hippie Fish in Zandvoort. The steel greenhouse is decorated in an incredibly bold way, you see plants everywhere, cool furniture and the view of the sea completes everything. Whether you come here for breakfast or lunch or just for a drink and then go for dinner, there is something delicious on the menu for every moment. Really recommended this!

Later at Sea, Bloemendaal, North Holland

Casual chilling, super nice staff and a mega cozy atmosphere. This is really one of those beach bars where you immediately feel at home and where you will find everything on the menu that you feel like after a long walk on the beach or after hours of relaxing in the sun. So definitely go there!

Bernie’s Beach Club, Zandvoort, North Holland

A beach club where you also find swimming pools? Yep, we just have that in the Netherlands! And for that you have to go to the fancy Bernie’s Beach Club in Zandvoort. This chic place is very popular and not only for relaxing, but also for divine food and drink. You can order ice-cold wines, tasty cocktails and plenty of good snacks here! As if you are in luxurious St. Tropez for a while!

Pele Surf Shack, Hook of Holland, South-Holland

Close to Rotterdam you will find this gem of a beach club, at the Hoek van Holland. Once you walk into Pele’s surf shack, you only want one thing and that’s never going home. This vegan surf Walhalla embraces you and is incredibly cosy. Here you will want to chill for hours. And food. Because that’s great too! For example, order a Waikiki Shore Bowl or go for the Kim Chi Avo Sandwich!

Tijn Akersloot, Zandvoort, North Holland

With whom is Tijn Akersloot not loved? At this Zandvoort spot you can always find regulars, surfers and foodies who are drawn to good food. This is the kind of place you can’t go wrong with and where many people have been happy to come for years!

Heartbreak Hotel, Terschelling, Wadden Islands

This beach bar is completely furnished according to an American theme. Expect pink milkshakes, pink couches and just short of waitresses on pink roller skates. We are really in love with this fifties and sixties interior. Even the fries come in a bag that completely matches the theme! You will find this beach bar on Terschelling near the beach of Oosterend.

Aloha Beach, Neighborhood by the Sea, North Holland

The menu is a big party, the decor is delicious and provides an instant summer holiday feeling and the atmosphere is not over the top but very cozy. Aloha Beach is really one of those beach bars where you want to linger and enjoy sitting down with both your friends and family.

Parnassia, Bloemendaal aan Zee, North Holland

This large beach club, near the Kennermer dunes and the campsite you will find there, is a large beach pavilion that we have enjoyed going to for years. Take a seat outside or get a seat inside by the fire. Here you come for uncomplicated dishes such as fries with cod or hot chocolate with whipped cream. No fuss, just fun!

Tulum Tulum Near Noordwijk aan Zee

If you go to Noordwijk aan Zee, you should try to get a table, lounge chair or sofa at Tulum Tulum. Here you immediately forget that you are in the Netherlands and you are in one of the hippest beach bars in our country. Tulum Tulum is also owned by the same owner as Hippie Fish and Winter Lodge and you notice that right away, because it is also so nicely decorated here.

Woodstock 69, Bloemendaal, North Holland

This creative breeding ground, where you will also find plenty of parties, can be found at Bloemendaal aan Zee. Woodstock 69 has been on the beach in North Holland for many years and it is the ideal place to party or go out for a meal. The menu includes spring rolls, a hangover breakfast, young goat cheese salad and tonkotsu ramen. Enough goodies and something for every moment!

Barbarossa, Scheveningen, South-Holland

Barbarossa in Scheveningen is a sleek and somewhat chic beach bar. In the evening you can enjoy a glass of wine or cold beer with some bites, but the doors of this pavilion are also open early in the morning. This is also the place to go for an ultimate relaxing moment in the morning and a good cup of coffee.

Post 17, Texel, Wadden Islands

If you want a more luxurious dinner on the Texel beach, Paal 17 is recommended. Plop down on one of the velvet sofas, order a bottle of bubbly and be surprised by the colorful dishes on the menu. On the first floor of Paal 17 you will find the atmospheric restaurant and keep in mind that there is room for 30 guests, so if you enjoy culinary delights here, reservation is definitely smart! Downstairs, at the pavilion, you can eat out in a more accessible way. Oh and also great, sometimes kite evenings are organized, you can not only enjoy the sunset but also dozens of kites dancing in the sky.

Natural High, Ouddorp, South-Holland

Beach club Natural High is perfect for first-time kitesurfers or for those who enjoy watching water and wind sports. From behind the large glass windows you have a perfect view of the beach and thanks to the good menu you can quickly fulfill all your cravings. At Natural High you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Oasis, Domburg, Zealand

For Zeeland mussels and shelter from the salty air, go to De Oase in Domburg. Here you can eat very good fish dishes and from this beach bar you have a fantastic view over the sea and the beach. The ideal place to get a breath of fresh air and relax!

Club Sand, Castricum by the Sea, North Holland

We end this list with certainly one of the nicest beach bars in the Netherlands, namely Club Zand near Castricum aan Zee. This beach bar is again wonderfully beachy and has an interior that you immediately fall in love with. The menu has many healthy dishes, but also things to lick your fingers.

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