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The Most Breathtaking Sights on Greek Islands

Sun, sea and beach; on the Greek islands, these are the perfect ingredients for a great holiday. Whether you go to Crete, Santorini, Zakynthos, Lefkas or Milos, Greece has the most beautiful islands with fantastic nature and good food. But where are you going? We have listed seven beautiful sights on the Greek islands for you. So grab that bucket list, because these seven tips will go on in no time!

The Most Beautiful Sights on the Greek Islands

Balos Beach: the Natural Wonder of Western Crete

Balos Beach is located near the Gramvousa peninsula, at the westernmost part of the island of Crete. Because the sand is so shallow at Balos, it appears as if the sand has been sprayed on. You may also come upon pink sand from time to time, and the beach is teeming with little shells. It takes some fortitude to make it to Balos because the road surface is rough and close to the rocks. You must pay an admission fee of one euro per person. Upon descending from the mountaintop at Balos, you will arrive to the most magnificent beach on the island of Crete.

Cameo Island/ Agios Sostis: Love Island of Greece

Cameo Island, in the Aegean Sea, is considered to be the most romantic island in Greece. Because marriages are held here several times a week, the island is also known as “Love Island.” As soon as you step foot on this property, you will understand why. A lovely mood is created by meters of long white cloths fluttering above the island’s harbor water.

Take a refreshing dip in the turquoise sea while sipping on a drink under one of the thatched umbrellas. Do you wish to go on a trip to the island? That is, if you do it before two o’clock in the afternoon, when there are unlikely to be any couples getting married and you will still be able to swim. Bring some cash with you because you will be required to pay a five-euro admission fee. After that, you’ll receive a drink in exchange for your admittance ticket.

Shipwreck Beach: Must Do of Zakynthos

Shipwreck Beach, also known as Navagio Beach, is a stunning beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos. The wreckage that has washed ashore on the shore of Navagio Beach is seen from the vantage point at Navagio Beach. Do you wish to witness a beach that is absolutely deserted? Then leave first thing in the morning. Because the sunlight is different on the beach than it is on the mainland, the bay is wonderfully illuminated later in the day.

Milos Cliffs

Milos also belongs to the Cyclades and this Greek island has a volcanic soil. You may know the island from the world famous statue ‘The Venus de Milo’, which was found here. It is now in the Louvre in Paris. Milos has several beautiful places to go. Kleftiko is a gem to visit by boat. Here you can see beautiful sea caves and snorkel through the caves of Kleftiko. Sarakiniko is a special landscape of white pumice by the sea and at Papafragkas you will find a source with sulphurous blue water.

Palm-lined Beaches on Vai

Vai is unquestionably the most gorgeous beach on the island of Crete. There are an enormous number of palm trees in this area, which immediately makes you feel like you’re on vacation. You may relax on the sandy beach and take in the beauty of the palm grove while you tan. Date palms grow in this woodland, which is part of a protected nature reserve. On the beach, you can get a drink at one of the many restaurants and cafes that are available. You can enjoy water skiing or participate in other water sports at Vai Beach. You may enjoy both being active and relaxing in this location.

Porto Katsiki: Most Beautiful Beach on the Island of Lefkas

‘The Port of the Goat’, or Porto Katsiki, is the most famous beach of Lefkas. You can only get here by boat or via a steep staircase that has been made along the mountain side. Fancy a day of relaxing, sunbathing and swimming? That is perfectly possible on this beach. Porto Katsiki consists of an elongated beach with pebbles and the water is clear blue. The rocky slope provides some shade, but you can also rent a parasol. From above you have a great view over the bay.

Santorini and the White Old Town

The island of Santorini is part of the Cyclades archipelago. These are known for their unique beaches. Some have white or golden sand and in other places the beach is red and orange. The special thing about Santorini is the beautiful, white old center. The snow-white houses are characteristic of this island. On the west of the island you will find many steep rocks. The castle of Oia is also worth a visit.

Also try to rent a car for a day or longer when you are on a Greek island, so you can see even more because in addition to the sights mentioned above, there is so much more to find on each island. So go on an adventure and don’t just stay at your accommodation or on the beach!

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