What Are The Best Noodles Shops In London?

The simple noodle, which may be found in a wide variety of forms and sizes, is a staple in many different cuisines. Among the best Asian restaurants in London, we’ve compiled a list of 10 establishments.

London’s Busaba is the place to go

Its idea of “as you eat, so you are” (Gan Gin Gan Yuu) is what sets Busaba apart from other Japanese restaurants. This Thai-inspired restaurant in London serves up a variety of mouthwatering soup noodles, from the fiery-sour shrimp and glass noodles dish to the spicy-sweet beef rice noodle with star anise. Not only that, but there are nine Busabas in London, stretching from Stratford Westfield City to Covent Garden.

In Whitechapel, the Cirilo Filipino Kainan,

Located on Cable Street, Cirilo Filipino Kainan advertises itself as “a basic, unassuming café providing a take on classic hearty Filipino food” with a colorful menu and interior design. In the Philippines, two popular dishes are Pancit Bihon (rice vermicelli noodles and seasoned vegetables cooked in atsuete, a gluten-free soy broth) and ‘Mami’ (chicken or beef cooked in vegetable broth) (noodles, vegetables cooked in a miso broth with oriental spices). Udon, rice vermicelli, and egg noodles are just a few of the noodle choices offered.

Bodies of the Dead, Bermondsey

A Bone Daddies location in Bermondsey serves up some of the best noodles in London, as well as some of the best brews. In the shadow of one of the numerous arches that make up the city’s renowned “beer mile,” this Japanese, rock-loving noodles restaurant serves all the meaty and brothy sustenance you and your friends will need. Try the tonkotsu ramen, the Korean fried wings, the bao buns, and more ice-cold IPAs to wash down the fiery food and drink. The DEYA Brewery X Bone Daddies collab beer is a definite winner.

Fitzrovia, Fitzrovia, London

As one of London’s best Korean restaurants, Koba has been serving delicious fare since it first opened in Fitzrovia in 2005. Weigh your options between beef bulgogi stir-fry noodles and seafood udon jjamppong for lunch; then consider kimchi jjigae (pork stew) for supper and you’ll have no problem making up your mind. Booking a table ahead of time is the best way to ensure a good experience.

In the end, Victoria Dim T.

The cooks at Dim T are known for their ability to take traditional Asian fare and infuse it with a contemporary flair. There’s something for everyone on the menu, from savory steaming dishes to hearty salads for the health-conscious. If you’re a fan of noodles and theater, this Victoria-based eatery is a perfect place to eat before or after a show at the Victoria Palace Theatre.

Chelsea, a New Cultural Revolt

Londoners were immediately drawn in by the New Culture Revolution’s emphasis on balance, freshness, and authenticity – and haven’t looked back. There are numerous wheat-based items on the menu at this restaurant, including chao mian (stir-fried noodles), lao mian (noodles covered in ‘gravy’), and tang mian (noodle soup). It’s easy on the wallet at this Chinatown-meets-Chelsea eatery, which also serves excellent soups, dumplings, and seafood.

Restaurant: Duck and Noodle, Bayside

Noodle Oodle, which was formerly known as Noodle Oodle, has only altered its name and appearance. The menu hasn’t changed since 2006, when it was the first Chinese restaurant in London to sell freshly prepared hand-pulled noodles, done the old-fashioned Chinese way, to the joy of residents. Stewed beef la mian and sour spicy la mian with chicken and shrimp are two of its most popular dishes, which are sure to please even the most discerning Chinese diner.

One of its notable firsts is that all dishes normally offered with pork-based components can be substituted with Halal chicken – a nice gesture for the local Muslim minority that makes this restaurant worthy of a mention in the best noodle bars list.

Tokyo’s Soho neighborhood, Shoryu Ramen

As a result of its burgeoning renown and six London locations, Shoryu Ramen has earned a Michelin Star. The Hakata neighborhood of Fukuoka, Japan, is known for its specialty tonkotsu ramen, which the restaurant is proud to serve. Shoryu claims that this ramen style has “plenty of bounce and chew” because to its pork broth and thin, straight noodles. From this, they’ve come up with delicacies like Dracula Tonkotsu (ramen with caramelized black garlic mayu and garlic chips), as well as Piri Piri Tonkotsu (ramen with jalapenos, gochujang, and a secret spicy sauce).

Noodles are a form of salvation.

Vietnamese restaurant Salvation in Noodles, dubbed ‘SIN’ by the locals, is a short walk from the area’s busiest streets in Dalston, east London. A hip-hop soundtrack and lively conversation accompany the consumption of amply portioned no-fuss noodles at this favorite hangout. The taro root spring rolls and the tofu rice paper rolls, wrapped in sticky wrappers and ideally dipped in sweet and sour sauce, are also worthy of praise.

A place called Viet Hoa

At Viet Hoa Restaurant in Shoreditch, you may choose from nine distinct pho (soup noodle) dishes, as well as an equal number of hue noodle dishes, which are more spicy versions of pho. Viet Hoa Mess, an underground restaurant with a Bond-lair vibe, is another option for a posh birthday celebration.

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