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What Is There to Do in Zutphen? Eight Suggestions!

Beautiful courtyards, old buildings and towers, and charming commercial alleys can all be found in the Hanseatic city of Zutphen, where you may easily spend a few days wandering around. Since the Hanseatic period, many monuments with towers from the city have been maintained, earning it the nickname “Tower City.” What to do in Zutphen, the Netherlands? We’ve put together eight suggestions to help you get the most out of this Gelderland city.

You Don’t Want to Miss These to Dos in Zutphen

From the merchant mansions, city gates, and towers that dot the cityscape, it is still possible to observe that Zutphen was once a bustling trading port in centuries past. In Zutphen, which has possessed city rights since the 12th century, the old street design has survived to this day. Three primary marketplaces, as well as numerous narrow side streets, are what distinguish this city.

City Walk Along Courtyards

The Hanseatic city is renowned for its courtyards, which serve as oasises of calm in the midst of the bustling metropolis. They’ve been there since the end of the 14th century, and they looked like a monastery at the time they were constructed. In Zutphen, they primarily constructed buildings from philanthropic courtyards during the nineteenth century. Do you want to take a stroll through these courtyards? Alternatively, how about another city walk through Zutphen?

Climb the Winery Tower

De Wijnhuistoren is located on the Groenmarkt, in the heart of the city, and serves a variety of wines. It is possible to climb the tower, in addition to enjoying the delicious food. In the attic of the Wijnhuistoren, you may see an exhibition on the history of the tower and its carillon, as well as the carillon itself. And, of course, from the top, you get a spectacular view of the entire city below you. Climbing is only feasible with a guide from Thursday to Sunday, at set hours in the afternoon, and is only available from Thursday to Sunday.

Drinking Coffee in Zutphen

If you’re in Zutphen, don’t forget to stop for a cup of coffee at De Pelikaan. They have been roasting their own coffee at this coffee and tea mill on the Pelikaanstraat for more than 200 years. The coffee is transported to De Pelikaan in raw form from the country of origin, after which it is further roasted at the facility. Van Rossum’s Koffie also serves freshly brewed, excellent coffee. They also roast the coffee in-house, and you can taste the difference immediately after.

Restaurants in Zutphen

Het Volkshuis is one of the most characteristic restaurants in Zutphen. This is the oldest coffee house in the Netherlands and you can choose from a lot of lunch dishes and cakes. Time for dinner? Then go to Nic & I – Wine and Food if you like a good glass of wine and a good bite. You can taste different types of wine here, with matching dishes.

Sailing across the Berkel with a whisper boat
Would you like to see Zutphen from a completely different side? Then sail over the Berkel with a whisper boat. You can see the canals of Zutphen and the most beautiful spots on the river Berkel during a boat trip of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The skipper (the whisperer, hence; whisper boat) tells about the history of the city as you sail past the historical monuments and beautiful spots.

Shopping in Zutphen

You can meander through the Hanseatic city’s narrow alleyways and pass by little boutiques, quaint shophouses, and high-end concept stores as you go. Visit the ByNord concept shop, where you’ll find a diverse selection of Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle brands. Jewellery, home accessories, fragrances, and personal care goods are all available at this location. Radijs is a store where you can get clothing, accessories, and thoughtful presents. Are you looking for products to add some flair to your home’s decor? At Living and Giving, you’ll find more than enough accessories and ideas for your house to fill your days with joy.

Staying in Zutphen?

There are a few places to stay in Zutphen, and our favorite is the Stadshotel & Proeflokaal ‘tOer, which is located in the city center. Make a reservation for an overnight stay. Not nearly your cup of tea? The Broederenklooster is a really great place to spend the night if you’re in that situation.

Visit the Museums of Zutphen

Art lover? The City Palace on ‘s Gravenhof has two museums under one roof. So you can easily visit the Stedelijk Museum and Museum Henriette Polak in one go. In the Stedelijk Museum you will mainly find many stories about the history of Zutphen and the current Achterhoek. It is a cultural-historical museum that takes you into the past of the region. Museum Henriette Polak often exhibits modern-classical painting and sculpture. In addition to the permanent collection, there is always a changing exhibition in which a contemporary artist takes center stage.

Visit the Walburgis Church in Zutphen

The Walburgis Church is located at the ‘s Gravenhof in Zutphen. This church belongs to the top 100 of the Dutch UNESCO monuments and is considered one of the ten most beautiful churches in the Netherlands. You will find the sixteenth-century library ‘De Librije’ and you can climb the tower of the church. The tower can be reached via a narrow spiral staircase, so you can only go up with a guide. The tower entrance is located at ‘s Gravenhof, diagonally opposite the town hall.

Do You Have Any Nice Tips for Zutphen?

You see, there is a lot to do in Zutphen! Have you already planned a visit to the city? Or do you have any other great tips for this place? Let us know in a comment below!

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